Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

  • How do I find Grumpy by car and where can I park?
    Located in the heart of the 7th district, you can access Grumpy by entering from Wesselényi Street. If you’re driving, convenient parking is available at Klauzál Square. Alternatively, enjoy a short walk from the Synagogue.
  • What public transport can I use to get to the restaurant?
    Accessible by various public transport options, including Bus 74 (Nyár utca stop), Tram 4-6 (closest stop: Wesselényi), and Metro 2 (a few corners away from Blaha).
  • Is home delivery or takeaway available from Grumpy?
    Yes! Bring Budapest’s best brunch to your doorstep! Order through Wolt for home delivery or takeout.
  • What are the opening hours?
    Grumpy is ready to serve you throughout the week:
    Monday, Thursday, Sunday: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    Friday, Saturday: 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • What merchandise products can I buy at Grumpy?
    Explore our merchandise collection, featuring t-shirts adorned with Grumpy’s iconic mascot – the grumpy cat. Add a touch of Grumpy to your closet!
  • What payment options are available?
    For your convenience, we accept both cash and card payments. Please note that unfortunately, we do not accept payments with Amex or “Szép kártya”.

Grumpy Restaurant’s Culinary Delights

  • What kind of food does Grumpy offer?
    Grumpy boasts a diverse menu with multiple food options, predominantly international with a delightful French touch. Whether you’re in the mood for starters, main courses, continental brunch, salads, sandwiches, tapas, or desserts, we’ve got you covered. And don’t forget to try our homemade sourdough breads!
  • Do you have vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free options on the menu?
    We cater to diverse dietary preferences, offering a variety of vegetarian and vegan options. For gluten-sensitive guests, our homemade gluten-free bread is a tasty choice. Additionally, several lactose-free dishes are available on our menu.
  • Can you cater for guests with special dietary requirements or allergies?
    While we accommodate gluten sensitivity and lactose intolerance, we recommend exercising caution for more complex food allergies beyond these considerations.
  • Are brunch cocktails available throughout the whole day?
    Indulge in our alcoholic and non-alcoholic brunch cocktails, available throughout the entire day to complement your dining experience.
  • Do you offer non-alcoholic beverages?
    Yes, we offer a range of non-alcoholic beverages for those who prefer a refreshing option without alcohol. At Grumpy, we aim to provide a delectable dining experience that caters to diverse tastes and dietary needs.

Table Reservation and Events

  • How can I make a reservation at Grumpy Restaurant? Is it possible to visit without a reservation?
    To secure a table at Grumpy, you can call us at +36 30 222 5625 during our opening hours or conveniently make a reservation online through our website. While reservations are recommended, we also welcome walk-ins depending on our capacity.
  • How can a reservation be cancelled? Can I change or cancel my reservation online?
    If you need to cancel or make changes to your reservation, feel free to reach out to us via phone or email. We appreciate being informed in advance.
  • Is it possible to provide private tables for birthdays or private events?
    Celebrate special occasions like birthdays with a close circle of friends in the gallery part of our restaurant. Note that reserving the entire gallery on Saturdays and Sundays during lunch may not be possible. We can host a maximum of 8 people per table, but special requests can be accommodated after a phone consultation for groups of up to 16.
  • What are the limitations of organising private events at Grumpy?
    Tables at Grumpy can be booked for a maximum of 8 people. For larger groups or special requests, please contact us directly to discuss the possibilities.
  • Do you organise special events in the restaurant?
    Grumpy hosts various special events, including celebrations for Grumpy’s birthday, weekend brunch extravaganzas, and exclusive offers for occasions like St. Martin’s Day. Join us for these memorable moments!

Atmosphere and the Grumpy Experience

  • What style of restaurant is Grumpy?
    Grumpy is an alternative brunch restaurant with a show kitchen. Sziszi, the owner, personally prepares delicious dishes while cultivating a friendly, homely atmosphere. We prioritize using the freshest and highest quality ingredients, sourced locally and some directly from France to create the perfect Grumpy experience. Whether it’s cocktails all day, a lively weekend party brunch, or a relaxed lunch and dinner, our goal is for our guests to leave with a big smile.
  • How is the music atmosphere?
    Our guests have described the musical ambiance at Grumpy as “excellent.”
  • Can you work on a laptop during brunch at Grumpy restaurant?
    In our effort to create a serene environment, we kindly ask guests to set aside laptops during their time at Grumpy. Instead, immerse yourself in the flavors, atmosphere, and enjoy the company of friends to recharge your batteries.
  • Is Grumpy dog-friendly?
    Grumpy welcomes dogs! Bring your four-legged friends, and we’ll be delighted to accommodate both you and your furry companions.
  • Is outdoor seating available?
    While Grumpy doesn’t have a dedicated terrace, we can seat you at a few tables in the front part of the restaurant if you’d like to soak up the sun.
  • How can I connect to the Grumpy restaurant Wi-Fi network as a guest?
    As our guest, you can connect to the Grumpy Restaurant Wi-Fi network by finding the password on the menu. Enjoy staying connected during your visit!

Safety and Accessibility

  • Are hygiene and Covid-19 safety measures applied at the restaurant?
    Ensuring the hygiene of our restaurant is our top priority. We provide hand sanitizers for your use, and we appreciate everyone’s cooperation in maintaining a clean and safe environment.
  • Are there any health restrictions currently in place at the restaurant?
    As of now, there are no specific health restrictions in place at the restaurant. We are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable dining experience for all our guests.
  • Is Grumpy wheelchair-friendly?
    Unfortunately, Grumpy is not wheelchair-accessible at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Your safety and well-being are important to us, and we appreciate your cooperation in adhering to hygiene measures during your visit. If you have any specific concerns or questions, feel free to reach out to our staff for assistance.