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We Love Budapest

“Bistro. Homemade flavors. In a world saturated with clichés that describe every other restaurant, there comes a moment when someone truly grasps and embraces these concepts. That someone then crafts a space where patrons feel like they’re stepping into a friend’s home, where every guest receives a warm welcome, and leaving with a frown is simply impossible.”



“I devoted myself wholeheartedly to Menza, but this place is where I truly come alive; you’re not just here, you’re with me, it feels like coming home.”

– Ispán Szilvia „Sziszi” piqniq.hu


“Sharing meals and hospitality go beyond just enjoying traditional food in a foreign land. It’s an opportunity to connect with the locals in a relaxed, stress-free environment where conversations flow, fostering a valuable exchange of experiences. Through these encounters, I’ve met fascinating individuals and gained insights from their stories.”

– Ispán Szilvia „Sziszi” nosalty.hu

Dining Guide

“Grumpy brings to mind the classic American breakfast joints, where the owner is not just the face of the restaurant but also a beloved figure in the entire neighborhood. Serving as more than just an eatery, this establishment becomes the heartbeat of the local community. It’s a welcoming hub where you feel at home and can truly relish all the perks of a great restaurant experience.”

– diningguide.hu


„She has one goal only, to make every guest leave satisfied, and she is not afraid to show herself to do that: she is present both in the kitchen and her career with her whole personality.”

– hypeandhyper.com


“Discover a mix of Hungarian and international flavors at Grumpy, open from morning to evening and situated at Klauzál utca 34. It’s a laid-back spot, perfect for everyday dining, but not for the ordinary crowd.”

– kutyabarat.hu

Pesti Műsor

“It’s cozy for a family—intimate, without an army of servers. The menu isn’t extensive. It’s a uniquely charming place that might catch your eye even if you’re just strolling around, inviting you to take a peek after a leisurely moment.”

– pm.hu


„Grumpy is a little, two-storey café & restaurant in the heart of Budapest’s gastro hub of District 7, which stands out with its superb service and cosy atmosphere. The menu is as eclectic as the city itself, with options for breakfast, brunch, tapas and dinner, from a mix of cuisine from Hungary to France. In Grumpy, there is something for everyone and everyone is invited.”

– mcdaniel.hu


“On the really bitter cold day of winter, I stepped into Grumpy’s with frozen hands. As soon as I entered, life seemed to bubble around me—accompanied by edgy music, a comforting aroma of deliciousness, and the welcoming warmth of its intimate interior spaces.”

– teszta.fun