The Grumpy Story

Irresistible morning coffees, delightful Sunday brunches, and unforgettable first dates—This is how Grumpy has become an unavoidable stop in many people’s everyday lives over the past years.

Yet, who would have imagined that the narrative unfolding at the tables of this serene spot on Klauzál Street 34 is anything but ordinary?

From cruise ships to Klauzál Street.

Szilvia Ispán, also known as Sziszi, embodies the heart and driving force behind Grumpy. However, her journey to envision and establish the beloved breakfast spot in the seventh district was anything but short. Her path began with working on cruise ships, filling the roles of a waiter, a chef, and even a deputy store manager.

In the United Kingdom, Sziszi collaborated with culinary icons Jamie Oliver and Gennaro Contaldo. However, in 2003, she returned to her roots and took the role of restaurant manager at Menza, a position she held with unwavering acclaim for 15 years. Eventually, a desire for something more intimate and personal led her to embark on a new venture—one where she could provide guests with the experience of being welcomed into her own home. Thus, Grumpy was born, exuding a charming and unmistakably homey atmosphere.

The Grumpy feeling: “It’s like coming home to me.”

Sziszi poured her heart and soul into transforming this cozy bistro into a second home for many. Personally curating the furnishings and selecting gold-edged plates from antique fairs, she meticulously crafted the ambiance. From compiling the menu to daily visits to the market for the freshest ingredients, Sziszi is the driving force behind the counter, preparing unforgettable brunches for her guests.
Despite having a feline companion, the restaurant’s name isn’t solely a nod to the furry sous chef; it’s a clever English pun. “Grumpy” humorously refers to the feeling of being irritable due to hunger. Grumpy’s primary mission is clear—to ensure that guests who enter with growling stomachs leave with broad smiles, having experienced not just a meal, but a warm and delightful culinary journey.

Varied cuisine, home-style dishes.

For those who prefer a leisurely start to the day, Grumpy is the perfect haven! Here, you can savor Klauzál Street’s renowned English breakfast and American pancakes beyond the early hours, as our brunch menu remains available all day. Should your cravings lean toward a delectable lunch or dinner, our menu has you covered.
Two fundamental principles guide the creation of our menu: it must be seasonal to ensure the freshest and highest quality ingredients, and it should be diverse enough for everyone to discover a dish that brings joy to their day. We also cater to our non-meat-eating guests with a wide array of vegan and vegetarian options. Additionally, our restaurant regularly introduces an expanding selection of new items on our menu.
At Grumpy, our passion lies in the realm of comforting French cuisine. If the notion of a Parisian evening in the heart of the seventh district intrigues you, we highly recommend a visit. We source ingredients directly from France for these dishes, ensuring an authentically unfalsifiable experience.
That’s Grumpy—a sanctuary of peace, happiness, and homely comfort in the heart of the city center. Immerse yourself in the Grumpy experience, and we’ll always welcome you back home with open arms!

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